Last Thoughts is based on an audio tape that my grandfather, Robert Henry, made shortly before his death in 1992. Born in Oklahoma, he, like many of his generation, spent much of the Great Depression traveling around the country by freight train, looking for work. He kept his stories from those years to himself his entire life, and it was only in his last days that he finally told (and recorded) them.

I heard the tape for the first time several years ago, and soon after began work on this film project. Living in a van, I spent a year driving around the American West with a 16mm film camera, retracing my grandfather's travels and looking for echoes of his experience in the modern landscape.

Last Thoughts has screened at film festivals around the world, and is now available for purchase on DVD.

Thanks for your interest in the film.

Kevin Henry

72 minutes
Shooting Format
Super 16mm
Screening Format
35mm, video
Kevin Henry
Robert Henry
G. Glenn Henry
Sound Design
James LeBrecht
Sound Mix
Dan Olmsted
Film Lab
Monaco SF